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Acting Out Social Skills: Beyond the Basics
Acting Out Social Skills: Beyond the Basics 

Acting Out Social Skills: Beyond the Basics

Learn social skills through pre-planning, acting out and self-evaluation

Student Reader and Teacherís Guide

Most of us negotiate life in our communities with ease, not realizing how many important decisions we make throughout the course of any given day. This is far from the case for most special needs students. For them, without guidance, practice, and support, navigating the community presents challenges that can be overwhelming.

Acting Out Social Skills: Beyond the Basics is designed to help students address social interaction challenges. Students are presented with seven dilemmas as viewed from the perspective of three different characters. Using a tiered approach, students are guided through a structured process to analyze each situation and then resolve each dilemma through practice. Each of the Aspen Seven Universal Virtues of responsibility, respect, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness and civic responsibility are addressed. Each act has three scenes emphasizing the viewpoint of different characters. Graphic organizers help students chart progress appropriate for student portfolios.

Topics covered include: dressing for success, cell phone etiquette, maintaining friendships, bullying, cyber crimes, lying, and making an office deadline.

The Teacherís Guide provides an overview of the curriculum plus the complete Student's Book with suggested answers.

Student Reader covered spiralbound book, color, 149 pages, 2011.

Teacherís Guide covered spiralbound book, color 159 pages, plus Win/Mac CD with Printable PDF, 2011.

Introductory Kit includes one Student Book and a Teacher's Guide with the PDF CD.

Classroom Kit consists of 8 Student Books one Teacherís Guide with the PDF CD.

Save 28% when you buy the Classroom Kit.

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