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Do The Right Thing
Do The Right Thing  

Do the Right Thing

Teach social skills by exploring social situations in the community

Most of us negotiate life in our communities with ease, not realizing many important decisions we make each day. This is generally far from the case for our special needs students. For them, navigating community challenges can be overwhelming. Without guidance, practice and support, commonplace community experiences are stressful for the special needs population.

Student Reader and Teacher’s Guide

Do the Right Thing is a social skills reader designed and developed to assist young adults resolve every day community dilemmas. Using the lives of the popular characters from the best-selling social skills reader Connections in the Workplace, students are presented with 25 challenges that demand resolution while encouraging alternative solutions.

Each chapter is designed for varying abilities, recognizing that some students will be able to read, comprehend and respond successfully to all tiered activities while others will not. Other students will be able to “read” the stories through the images, but not the text. Some will be skilled in reading “non-verbal language” but not the written word. Whatever the ability or disability, Do the Right Thing provides students with opportunities for participation in learning experiences created to assist them in resolving dilemmas that they may encounter in community life.

Topics covered include: Preparing for a hospital visit, handling an emergency, calling 911 for help, practicing social etiquette and preparing to attend a wedding.

The Teacher’s Guide, Social Competency in the Community, provides five tiered activities per story that assess reading comprehension, vocabulary development and the understanding of underlying social skills. The enclosed PDF on CD allows for easy printouts of activity pages and full-color stories.

Our award winning eReader Software enables struggling readers and non-readers to follow highlighted text narrated by professional readers. An assessment and tracking system is included that allows teachers to printout student performance data to prepare for parent meetings.

Student Reader, covered spiralbound book, full color, 155 pgs., 2009. Covered spiralbound Teacher’s Guide, black and white. 114 pgs., plus Win/Mac CD with printable PDF.

The Student Reader and Teacher's Guide are available individually. The eReader software is available separately and as a set of five. The Student Reader, Teacher's Guide with PDF CD, and the eReader software is available in a money-saving Do the Right Thing Package (see Choose Option... below).

Do The Right Thing is also part of the Read to Learn Book Library, a language arts curriculum for transition age students.

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