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an exceptional person, professional and educator. Dr. Stride carried on her duties, staying aware and demonstrating a teaching talent of outstanding skill under circumstances that most teachers would not be able to cope with professionally. She was a compassionate educator who wanted her students to do well and wanted the best for them. Dr. Stride demonstrated that she had unique abilities and motivating skills. If she could not find materials for her students, she created them. These materials were remarkable and first rate. They directly focused on the needs of her pupils whether it was social, academic or occupational skills. She and her partner, Rick Wolfsdorf, were able to design many resources for instructors of special education children and adults.

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I have personally worked with their series on social skills and doing the right things and have found it continuously successful. The Wolfpack Multimedia Company is a highly reputable one. Their website www.specialedsolutions.com is a treasure trove of references that include help with IEP’s, Inclusion, Aligning Life Skills to Academics and even individual lesson plans. Check out this website and see what they have to offer. I wholeheartedly endorse their materials.

Respectfully submitted by Jan Scott

Masters of Education – Counseling, Reading
Bachelors of Arts – History, English
Educational Doctorate ABD in Reading
Certificate of Advanced Studies – Educational Administration
Gradate Couses – Special Education, Educational Administration


I have been a teacher, administrator and educator for many years. I worked alongside of Dr. June Stride and knew

Stride's understanding of how we learn, combined with her compassion for those struggling to achieve, pushed her ever harder to develop this series that cover the many challenges faced by exceptional learners of all ages. Each book provides real world solutions and role playing exercises to ensure success. A must for special needs students, their parents, teachers and employers.

Lauri Shafer – Board Member Habitat for Humanity Collier County, Florida

June 6, 2012

Struggling learners and those with special needs have an exceptional advocate in these teaching tools. Dr. June
June Stride was one of the most remarkable people that I have had the pleasure of knowing.
Reverand Lisa B. Lefkow
Executive VP, Development
Habitat for Humanity of Collier County

Throughout the final years of her highly successful life, June spent many hours each week working to build a better future for low-wage earners in Collier County. As a result of her efforts, countless families attained the American Dream of homeownership, partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. Her compassion for those who demonstrated needs, coupled with her passion to serve and share of her fits and resources resulted in many lives transformed through education and opportunity. This, in turn, results in a stronger community and brighter future for all. June Stride touched so many lives, including mine, and will certainly touch yours through the legacy of education that she leaves behind.

Teachers at the rural elementary school stepped gingerly around a circle of smiling, thoroughly

engaged young students seated on a concrete floor practicing French phrases with their gifted teacher, June Barry. June too was smiling, and the happy group sometimes laughed together. Despite the seemingly uncomfortable setting, June told me that she didn't mind it a bit, and that if she had to teach in a closet she'd hang a chandelier in it. June always put on a happy face and her students learned to do the same! As the old song goes, she "spread sunshine all over the place."

June worked as an educator in many states in several more settings, from a prison school for youthful offenders, classes for special needs students, inner-city schools, as well as intellectually gifted students. She was a co-advisor of a high school Outward Bound club, special education chairperson, published author, and doctoral graduate of Nova University.

A world traveler, she immersed herself in other cultures, which provided her with interesting, fun-filled but valuable diversions from sometimes overwhelming educational problems that, she wrote to me, "I feel totally unable to correct.” But of course, she never gave up and often succeeded.

One of the great accomplishments of this conscientious, concerned professional was her authoring of her first book, Images. Written in workbook style, it has a relaxed, comfortable feel, in spite of the fact that it delves into troubling aspects of growing into adulthood and the various images of being a sexual being with conflicting emotions and very little helpful knowledge of handling such. In every introductory novella, June treats her characters with great care and compassion, and knew well how to draw readers into the story and keep turning the pages. A fine and unusual work that teachers, especially ones who work with special needs students, will appreciate.

Vida Rogers, Ed D
NE Georgia


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